Vineyard Owners or Managers – Are you concerned about disease in your vineyard?

Gta v casino update

Casino update gta v

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Casino update for gta v

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Gta v casino update release

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Gta v casino heist

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About Me

My name is Yvonne Christensen,

I am a 3rd-year Viticulture & Oenology BSc student at Plumpton College. I am currently doing my 3rd-year BSc project focused on Integrated Pest Management of two insect pests in the UK (Spotted wine drosophila (SWD) and Light brown apple moth (LBAM)). The project is based around a literature review of current research, combined with a survey of UK vineyard managers.

My goal is that through this work I can provide advice for UK vineyard managers on how to handle SWD and LBAM in an as environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible. In this process it is very important to collect as much data as possible on SWD and LBAM in vineyards across the UK.

If you have taken the time to complete the questionnaire I would like to thank you for your feedback, which is greatly appreciated and an invaluable help in building an IPM resource that will benefit vineyard managers across the UK to combat SWD and LBAM.